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Strip #73

Strip #73 published on 25 Comments on Strip #73

A lot of people questioned the meaning behind this comic after it was published, so I thought I should go ahead and clear things a bit.

My initial intent with this strip was to introduce the counselor as a character who knew of the Guardians’ existence and would target kids who he suspected had them. By convincing a child that their “imaginary friends” were not real, he could break the bond between them and cause a Guardian to lose the connection to the child. This essentially turns him into a villain of sorts.

And this is also why Seth drops the book — it’s hinted that he started to “lose his hold” on Peter. Extremely vague, I know.

The problem with this, I came to realize, is that the overall story behind the comic isn’t really the kind that requires dedicated villains like that. I don’t want some evil entity targeting Guardians, or even a “Devil” counterpart or anything like that. So ultimately I abandoned the concept and haven’t brought the counselor back since. The only remnant of the idea is what you see here.


Also Honda cars do this.

Dang man…Tina is tripping so many balls right now! XD
Kidding aside thought, this is how I would so totally see Tina reacting if this were real. Seriously, I’m laughing so hard at everything smiling in the background in the last panel. In a way, it kind of reminds me of the little whale in Steven Universe.

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