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Comic #97: The Story of Steven Wright

Comic #97: The Story of Steven Wright published on 7 Comments on Comic #97: The Story of Steven Wright

I think this story arc (and this page specifically) was the turning point for the comic that made room for more plot-driven moments, rather than keeping it as a joke-a-day format. Not every page needs a punchline.

On a side note, I had chosen the name of this character at random, but I didn’t find out until after this page was published that there is a standup comedian named Steven Wright. If you’re at all familiar with his style of comedy, you’ll know why there’s a bit of coincidental irony here.


Nice, I was wondering when we might get some answers to Jill’s background. I noticed the tattoo on his neck, and had to go back and compare it to Jill’s. Realized that I never noticed Jill’s tattoo until it was called out by the Police guy, even though it clearly showed up in several of the pages. That’s what I get for viewing this comic on my phone, lol.

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