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Comic #84: Chelsea’s Party Pg. 5

Comic #84: Chelsea’s Party Pg. 5 published on 3 Comments on Comic #84: Chelsea’s Party Pg. 5

The worms are easily startled, it seems. You’d think they would be used to random characters poofing in front of them by now.

Persephoni makes her first big appearance in the comic with this story. She was in just one strip before, and was only briefly introduced before sitting dormant for awhile. You’ll see her character grow pretty quickly after this point.


:handsomeSnowman: Yeah…Now–
:furyYuki: *Smashes with Hentai Hammer.*
:crySnowman: Owie…

But in all due seriousness, this was a rather touching page here. And I’m sorry to see that Tina has lost a tooth there yet intrigued with the scholarly look on Yuki. She look so fine in that outfit.

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