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Comic #79: Korgar’s Technique

Comic #79: Korgar’s Technique published on 12 Comments on Comic #79: Korgar’s Technique

This was the last 4-panel newspaper strip I completed before moving entirely to the full-page updates. Fare thee well, limited real estate.

Also, on a side note, the math geek in me feels inclined to point out how the correct answer given in the strip (eight) is only one of two possible answers for the problem. Ten points to the first person to give the other answer. Go!


I just noticed that the trees aren’t smiling anymore. Is it because they went back to their non-anthropomorphic like state of being nothing more than just trees?
But in all due seriousness, I feel kind of happy and sad about all this, happy in the sense that Tina learned her lesson and sad in the sense that Tina’s crying. Also, I don’t know why, but I’m reminded of the melting scene from The Wizard of Oz.

How does How Bazaar get away with selling products with copyrighted characters on it? Even if it’s fan art it’s still copyrighted characters.

Easy he doesn’t claim to own the characters he just draws them they fall in the realm of fair use so long as he doesn’t claim to be the creator of the characters and use there in his comics,but he can sell them so long he says he doesn’t own them, look at my little pony I.e Hasbro won’t allow there ip to be made when it comes to voice,cartoon model but you can use them outright with out permission I.e like creating a licensed to make actual map things with the name of the characters

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