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Comic #250: Lunch Buddies

Comic #250: Lunch Buddies published on 4 Comments on Comic #250: Lunch Buddies

Jeff’s lunch menu at work consists of a plethora of banana-related items: banana sandwich with banana butter, banana milk, and a side of… banana. Boy needs to work on his variety, I think.

Thanks to the following folks for offering their characters as guest cameos in the mail room: Lilliana_Kat, Southpaw, Bakertoons, MajorMattMason, HelloWorld, Cakemonster, CakeOrJess, Ironmania2003, Sparkflow, and Serena!


You know; I don’t know why but I suspect that Jeff may like bananas a little too much here. Perhaps that’s the reason why he’s going…BANANAS! XD

I was kind of with [USER=1040]@JonPonikvar[/USER] here and thought that Eddy was always visible to everyone else, like some kind of service animal of sorts. I mean, there does appear to be a kitty cat on that table there eating from its bowl. Now that I’m thinking about it, why is Eddy around Jeff exactly? I mean, Eddy is some kind of “Boss” Guardian and Jeff is clearly in his 20s or 30s. And if Eddy is trying to help Jeff, wouldn’t turning invisible like that be a bad thing? It could make Jeff look crazy and creepy. Then again, it might work out for him too depending upon the person.

Jeff: Because I’m forced to have lunch with you!!!
Green Dog: Have…lunch?
Green Dog: Fiend! <3
Jeff: Wait…what?

And so Eddy finally completed his mission of hooking Jeff up with Green Dog. Jeff eventually moved in with Green Dog to his white picket fence home with his two…

And I’m going to stop it there because bad fan fictions are AWESOME! XD

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