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Comic #210: Guardian to the Stars

Comic #210: Guardian to the Stars published on No Comments on Comic #210: Guardian to the Stars

So, is it just a sheer coincidence that most of Seth’s kids grow up to become world leaders, historic figures, and/or generally famous?

Eh, probably.

And in keeping with the trend of the kids always playing whatever games I happen to be hooked on at the moment, Peter and the gang are now completely swept up in MarioKart 8. Whitney and I are both entirely addicted to it and play it pretty regularly online (you cannot beat my Shyguy). If you’d like to play with us sometime, feel free to add our Nintendo ID’s to your friends list — conveniently, we use these same ID’s on PSN and Steam as well (except Whitney for Steam, she just uses mine):

Me: Fragnabulator
Whitney: CurlyLoon

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