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Comic #205: Taking It Seriously

Comic #205: Taking It Seriously published on No Comments on Comic #205: Taking It Seriously

In my 7th grade year, I wound up in classes full of stereotypical overachievers: kids who were far too smart for their own good, and took any grade under a perfect A to be a failure. Tracy here is pretty much quoting word-for-word what one girl in my history class said to me during a group project. Man, some kids just took their work wayyy too seriously.

Thanks to folks who have been watching my Weekday streams on Tigerdile who offered up their characters for cameo slots in this page! The following folks all make appearances:

Yesenia Carrero | NelsonDemifur | JasonVoorhees | beaglederp | MountainGoat | lonewolf914 | Glitterbaby Kitty | Tree-San | dan19blindside | Haloudoval | Dracosson | Sadochismo | Panzerdragon78 | mackster112 | HelloWorld | Zannah | MistressSin

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