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Comic #172: The Dog is Always Right

Comic #172: The Dog is Always Right published on 2 Comments on Comic #172: The Dog is Always Right

Yes, despite all evidence to the contrary, it turns out Chelsea does have a soul after all.

I gave a brief glimpse of Chelsea‚Äôs bedroom wayyy back during the “Slumber Party” story. This time I decided to put some real detail into it, and opted to reflect her personality a bit more: dark and messy, things thrown everywhere, and (if you look closely) a Peter voodoo doll on her dresser.


Not to criticise the excellent artwork in this instalment, but what’s happened to Jill’s feet in panel three? Also, talking of feet, random inquiry – do any of the cast wear socks? It’s hard to tell with Art because his feet would be dark anyway. I can imagine socks would be uncomfortable because of fur…

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