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Comic #156: An Open Invitation

Comic #156: An Open Invitation published on No Comments on Comic #156: An Open Invitation

Building up your confidence to make the first move on someone you like is hard enough as it is. Having to do it while she’s surrounded by dozens of admirers? Yeah, that ups the difficulty level into Ninja Gaiden territory. Poor Peter.

This was the first page in what has become an established tradition to feature guest cameos of other artists’ characters. Each time I need additional background characters to fill out a scene, I’ll put out a notice ahead of time to let people know about it. When I draw the page on the stream, anyone who shows up can throw their character reference down on the table and get a free cameo in a P&C page. There are other rules that go along with it, but that pretty well sums it up.

The end result here was a new record for myself at the time — 20 characters in a single panel — with each one (not counting Peter and Whitney) being an original creation of someone on FurAffinity. It’s like an awesome FA version of “Where’s Waldo.”

So much thanks goes out to the following folks for contributing their characters to this page:

Whitney Ponikvar | JReq | FlorecentMoo | Darkario | JohnGGC | Spirit Studios 2011 | Freeman2600 | PuppyLoveImani | DeadlyJames | bradypodidae | Tygon | MuddyPaws | Joey-Poey | Marmelmm | Torenzabbic | OtakuMan24 | Usaden | Yce

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