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Comic #105: The Practice Dummy

Comic #105: The Practice Dummy published on 36 Comments on Comic #105: The Practice Dummy

Persephoni has always had the ability to transform into an ordinary bunny rabbit to keep close to Chelsea, but up until now that has been the extent of her “morphing” abilities. Finally the question is answered as to whether or not she can turn into anything else at whim. The Elite Guardians are indeed able to change their appearance to whatever they need for a given situation. This gives them the ability to adapt quickly to keep their child out of danger, all while keeping said child in the dark as to the existence of the Guardians.

In other words, Persephoni could easily disguise herself as someone close to Chelsea in order to directly interact with her, but she is required to stay in-character as long as she is visible. This is why she feels like she can “never truly be close to Chelsea,” as she had mentioned in a previous comic.


I want to pinch Kibbles’s cheeks.

you gotta remember the left side of her face is still healing, but the right side is just waiting to be pinched :3

so, healing is knit with fire… that certainly explains more, especially that you wouldn’t want to disturb it’s spinning… like in a bar surrounded. perhaps there is a simple explanation for the complex situation. Tho I like some of the conspiracy theories. Besides which, she was FORCED away from her mentor, and that is likely important.

Kibella huh… very cute, that. Mason is such a mensch, one that they all need at this point, I’m thinkin.

that leads me to wonder….what exactly forced her to move on?

Not only am I wondering about that, but I’m worrying, too.

after all, she mused earlier about having to leave her family, and I’m pretty sure she didn’t mean Winsley.

Interesting that Winsley seems to be still aware of her location, hence the money he sent to pay for the damages in the tavern… and so quick too, since she just said she found out someone died the next day after the incident.

??? that doesn’t add up.

Winsley periodically places deposits into her bank account for general living expenses.

Mason, I don’t know if anyone told you this, but… YOU’RE AWESOME, DUDE! Be her friend. God knows she can use one.
Kibbles was forced to move on? Interesting…
Two pages ago, she said that she was chasing a dream. So I’d assume that she was forced to leave because someone was trying to keep her from that path. And that could explain the incident. If all my previous theories are correct, then the agents sent after her aren’t just trying to bring her back home, they’re trying to discourage her. And the worst part: it’s working.

She smiled and it’s the very cutest smile.

Mason, you’re a cad for not melting into a puddle at her feet; but you gave her good advice, so you’ve redeemed yourself.

hold on…

She was forced to leave her family AND her magic lessons.

Winsley knows where she is, thus he sent the money she needed for the damages to the tavern.

Something’s not adding up. Last page, she said she found out someone died the next day after the incident.


Learn to control the your power, Kibella, otherwise it will control you.

mmmmmmmmm, control. CONTROL!!!! you must learn Control… or do not….there is no try.

This is not the comment you were looking for.

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