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July 2016 Update: Back to Work!

July 2016 Update: Back to Work! published on 24 Comments on July 2016 Update: Back to Work!

Hello, everyone!

I’d like to thank everyone who followed what happened over the past month. To those who didn’t get the news on Twitter/Tumblr, back in mid-June I suffered from a herniated disc in my lower spine that completely cut off my capabilities to draw or work on the computer. I finally have managed to recover from it, so Whitney and I are now back to producing both Peter & Company and Peter & Whitney once again, resuming our bi-weekly update schedule for each.

In other good news, my period of unemployment has officially ended as of this week as well! I’ll be working Monday-Wednesday for the time being (until they have more hours for me — ultimately I hope to be bumped up to full-time before long), so the stream schedule will consist of the following, starting Sunday, July 24 (all times EST):

Sundays @8pm: Penciling the following week’s comic page (switching between P&C and P&W each week)
Wednesdays @8pm: Whitney Wednesdays! Whitney takes control of the stream to color the upcoming page.
Thursdays and Fridays @2pm: Working on Whitney Cosplays (until they’re all finished)

Stream page:

The times above are subject to change depending on various things (Whitney’s work schedule can fluctuate), so to be notified whenever the stream goes live, follow us on Twitter:

April 2016 Update: Streams and Productivity Resuming!

April 2016 Update: Streams and Productivity Resuming! published on No Comments on April 2016 Update: Streams and Productivity Resuming!

Hello, everyone!

I wanted to give folks an update as to the current state of everything here, since it’s been about a month since the last P&C page and we’ve got a lot going on. We survived a monstrous flu bug, we have begun renovations on the house, and we have finally found a more regular work schedule to allow for productivity to resume. Most prominent is the fact that we FINALLY have rebuilt our old dedicated art area in the work room, where we used to always stream from to those who remember it. The past year I’ve had to work on all my art and host my streams from a temporary art space in the dining room, but it was far too cramped and annoying to have to work on a table that wasn’t designed to handle art projects. So, we decided it was time to finally create a professional, solid art space: new tables, new hardware, and a new arrangement to give us plenty of elbow room and increase our productivity.

And what an increase we’ll see: starting this week, I plan to resume streams on Mondays, Wednesdays, and occasional Saturdays. Mon/Wed will be at 8pm EST (as they were before), while Saturdays will be earlier in the day if I’m able to stream. It will vary week to week whether the Sat streams happen, but I’ll post beforehand if they do. Regardless, with the upcoming launch of Peter & Whitney, I’ll be starting a weekly Monday update schedule, with each week trading off which comic gets updated. So I’ll be dedicating Monday’s streams to working on either the next page of P&C or P&W, depending on which one just got updated, while Wednesdays will be spent working on either overdue commissions or additional content for the Patreons — new wallpapers, character art, concept art, or anything else coming up.

And yes, that is Patreons, plural. We have a Peter & Whitney Patreon campaign launching this week, like within the next 24-48 hours! What this means is that the P&C Patreon will be dropping in price, and the P&W Patreon will have two subscription levels to it. I’ll be posting additional details on that once the campaign goes live, as well as talking about it on tomorrow’s first stream.

So yes! If you guys are able to, make plans to catch the streams this week. It feels so good to finally be ready to stream again and start cranking out work once more. See you all soon!

Hello, everyone!

Hello, everyone! published on 159 Comments on Hello, everyone!

Peter & Company is now a proud member of the Katbox family of comics! WOO-HOO!!!

To those who are unfamiliar with this comic and those behind it, allow me just a moment to provide a brief introduction. My name is Jonathan Ponikvar and I’ve been drawing and publishing Peter & Company online since 2005. My wife Whitney and I met during our time at SCAD (Savannah College of Art and Design). She soon became the inspiration for her character in the comic, and she and I now write and co-create the series together.

Over the years Peter & Company has grown into a much larger beast than I had ever anticipated. In 2012 we ran a successful Kickstarter campaign to fund an animated pilot episode based on the comic. The episode will be featured on Channel Frederator’s online schedule once it is complete, and updates/animation tests (in addition to concept and production art) are regularly posted to both the P&C Tumblr account and our Youtube page.

Additionally, coming in mid-2015, a sequel/spin-off comic titled Peter & Whitney will be launched exclusively here on the Katbox. The story of this new series will revolve around Peter and Whitney graduating from high school and meeting up again at art school, closely mimicking the real-life story of how Whitney and I met for the first time and began our lives together. It will feature a good portion of the original cast of P&C — only now grown-up — and an entire cast of new friends and enemies. Also, unlike Peter & Company, which is perpetually “frozen in time” like many other comics/cartoons, Peter & Whitney will actually progress in time, allowing the characters to age, graduate school, and see major moments in their lives develop over time. It’s going to be a CRAZY amount of fun, so watch for the forums on here for more news!

Thank you again to everyone for welcoming us to the Katbox! To those curious, all new pages from this point out will be posted to both the Katbox site here as well as on the original P&C site, so you can catch the comic either place! Whitney and I both hope you enjoy reading Peter & Company, and if you would like to contact me outside of the forums, feel free to hit me up on the following services:

AIM: PeterandCompany
Skype: JonPonikvar
PSN, Steam, and Nintendo Network: Fragnabulator