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Comic #278: The Exhausted Princess

Comic #278: The Exhausted Princess published on 2 Comments on Comic #278: The Exhausted Princess

And now, introducing the newest character who will play a prominent role in the Peterverse comics: Whitney’s mom!

On a side note, Whitney and I would like to apologize for the sudden two-month hiatus both comics have been on lately. For those who don’t follow us on social media, we are preparing for the arrival of our baby daughter in December, and part of that involved turning the old art room into a nursery and bringing all of our art/computer supplies into a new dedicated space (which involved wallpaper stripping, repainting, and moving some pretty heavy furniture).

With the new room complete, we have finally resumed production on the comics again, and have resumed our art streams on Picarto! Be sure to follow our Stream page or watch us on Twitter if you would like to be notified when the streams go live throughout each week.

Comic #276: Funny Names

Comic #276: Funny Names published on No Comments on Comic #276: Funny Names

And she really does continue to call her that, even into the events of Peter & Whitney. In real life, this was entirely accurate, too; Whitney and Tracy really were friends growing up, and the “Tito” nickname was established during these early years. Peter & Company has for years always been a story of my own childhood, but now we’re starting to see glimpses of Whitney’s childhood as well.

Many thanks to the following folks who volunteered their characters for cameos on this page:

MrPopo | Phantomm | MajorMattMason | TsumiSnowheart | MviluUatusun | ScytheMouse | Davoerlo | Thwaites | Sparkpad

Comic #273: The Origin of “Tito”

Comic #273: The Origin of “Tito” published on No Comments on Comic #273: The Origin of “Tito”

In the pages of Peter & Whitney, Tracy is often called “Tito” by Whitney. And now we know how she got that name.

Many thanks to the following folks who volunteered their characters for cameos on this page:

Axel | TornadoWolf | EnkideMako67 | Thwaites | Jreqthek9 | Threyon | Bakertoons | Metalhead0113 | Luckinekoisdead | Glittervigors | MviluUatusun | w0lfmare

Comic #272: Intro to Foreign Language

Comic #272: Intro to Foreign Language published on 3 Comments on Comic #272: Intro to Foreign Language

In 9th grade, my friend Kevin and I took Spanish together, and proceeded to just act like total jackasses the entire time. And yet, despite us being obvious troublemakers in her class, our teacher never once organized a seating chart that didn’t put the two of us sitting immediately next to each other.

I still to this day figure that she secretly thought we were more endearing than annoying.

Comic #268: The Hardest Part of the Job

Comic #268: The Hardest Part of the Job published on 17 Comments on Comic #268: The Hardest Part of the Job

This is the first big reveal for what happens to kids after they lose their Guardians. For most children, they simply forget ever having them, but they retain all the lessons and experiences that they had with them. Those with Elites, however, never forget them. To these children, their Guardians aren’t Guardians; they are pets, friends, and individuals of significance within their lives.

As Eddy pointed out earlier, an Elite can remain close to their assigned child for much longer than a typical Guardian. They can even remain lifelong friends with them if necessary. After this, Chloe will be a part of Chelsea’s life for a long time to come.

Comic #267: Chelsea’s Guiding Light

Comic #267: Chelsea’s Guiding Light published on 3 Comments on Comic #267: Chelsea’s Guiding Light

And thus was the story of how Persephoni found a young Chelsea in the woods and saved her life. Just like that, the flashback is over and we’re back in present day again.

This was actually the condensed version of the story. A more complete telling of Chelsea and “Pearl’s” first meeting (with additional pages both before and after the events shown here) are included as a bonus mini-comic in the upcomic second Peter & Company collection book, Of Cats and Crushes.

Comic #265: Finding a Pearl

Comic #265: Finding a Pearl published on 3 Comments on Comic #265: Finding a Pearl

Back in a previous comic, Chelsea mentioned that she didn’t find Pearl, but rather, “Pearl found me.” We’re about to find out how that happened.

To help clarify, the characters in the first panel are the first foster mom/foster kids that Chelsea encountered as a child. This bit of history takes place not long after she was first placed in foster care at age 5, so whatever happened to her parents is still fresh in her memory at this point.