Whitney is a young purple cat who moves in to Peter’s neighborhood one day and becomes friends with Ezzy and Chelsea. On first sight, Peter immediately falls head over heels for her and becomes completely incapable of even talking to her.

Personality-wise, Whitney shares quite a bit in common with Peter, particularly in terms of their interests. She is into art and creativity, video games, RPG’s, comic books, and other geek-related subjects. It’s just a shame Peter’s too shy to get more than a few words out at a time.

Comic #279: Whitney’s Feelings

Comic #279: Whitney’s Feelings published on 1 Comment on Comic #279: Whitney’s Feelings

Whitney’s mom seems to have the same sassy streak. Now we see where Whitney gets it from. So yes, welcome back to the comic, everyone! This is the first page to be posted since Whitney and I celebrated the birth of our daughter Marlena in December. After taking a few months off to get accustomed… Continue reading Comic #279: Whitney’s Feelings

Comic #280: Brother Bob

Comic #280: Brother Bob published on 1 Comment on Comic #280: Brother Bob

Rob is a character we’ve wanted to introduce into the comic for quite some time now. He will play a much more prominent role in Peter & Whitney, but for now he just does what every big brother does: make snide comments about every aspect of his little sister’s life. On a side note, we’ve… Continue reading Comic #280: Brother Bob