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Strip #7

Strip #7 published on No Comments on Strip #7

My first Sunday strip! Fun. A quick little bit of trivia: the house depicted here (Peter’s house) is actually the house where I grew up in Virginia. Everything that you see in the strip, as far as environments go, are the exact locations where I spent my childhood.

So basically, if you’re really THAT much of a hardcore P&C fan — and you knew where to look — you could technically visit all the locations from the strip in real life.

Strip #6

Strip #6 published on 10 Comments on Strip #6

This is a prime example of what happens when you launch a comic before it is ready. In the earliest strips, before I had really developed a feel for their personalities, Seth was a lot more cocky and mischievous with his Guardian abilities. What he does here even technically breaks one of the Guardian rules that he quotes later on in the series.

That’s why I consider these early newspaper-format strips to be the “test” days of P&C, before the story really found its stride.

Strip #1

Strip #1 published on 1 Comment on Strip #1

When I first began writing this story, my original plan was to push Peter & Company for newspaper syndication. After a couple years, in order to give myself more breathing room for the art (and to shift to a more plot-driven focus on storytelling), I decided to switch to a traditional full-page comic layout.

So with that in mind, the first 75 comics presented here are kept in their original 4-panel daily strip format.