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Comic #25: …Just Ten Minutes?

Comic #25: …Just Ten Minutes? published on 3 Comments on Comic #25: …Just Ten Minutes?

This is another incident that actually happened during my first quarter at SCAD. In my half-asleep daze I was completely oblivious to the girl slipping into the room when I opened the door, and before I even realized what had happened I ended up stuck outside at 2 in the morning in my pajamas and without a key to get back into the room.

Such a considerate gentleman, Eugene was.

Much thanks to Infinitedge for offering up his character for the cameo in this page!

Comic #273: The Origin of “Tito”

Comic #273: The Origin of “Tito” published on No Comments on Comic #273: The Origin of “Tito”

In the pages of Peter & Whitney, Tracy is often called “Tito” by Whitney. And now we know how she got that name.

Many thanks to the following folks who volunteered their characters for cameos on this page:

Axel | TornadoWolf | EnkideMako67 | Thwaites | Jreqthek9 | Threyon | Bakertoons | Metalhead0113 | Luckinekoisdead | Glittervigors | MviluUatusun | w0lfmare

Comic #272: Intro to Foreign Language

Comic #272: Intro to Foreign Language published on 3 Comments on Comic #272: Intro to Foreign Language

In 9th grade, my friend Kevin and I took Spanish together, and proceeded to just act like total jackasses the entire time. And yet, despite us being obvious troublemakers in her class, our teacher never once organized a seating chart that didn’t put the two of us sitting immediately next to each other.

I still to this day figure that she secretly thought we were more endearing than annoying.

Comic #271: Korgar’s Eating Habits

Comic #271: Korgar’s Eating Habits published on No Comments on Comic #271: Korgar’s Eating Habits

And now we meet Korgar’s dad, a strange Goomba-looking orc.

Skip seems to be getting used to encountering Korgar by this point, no matter where he ends up working. The question remains if Skip just hops from job to job on his own, or if Korgar is somehow responsible for him always needing to find new work.

Thanks to both Alandalice and Kelchan for offering up their characters for quick cameos in the opening panel.

Comic #22: The Truth About “Tito”

Comic #22: The Truth About “Tito” published on No Comments on Comic #22: The Truth About “Tito”

The bit of confusion revolving around the Tracy/Tito naming gets cleared up here. Turns out it’s just a nickname from her childhood that has managed to stick around into her adulthood. It’s not one she’s embarrassed about (and has actually embraced as time goes on), so just keep a mental note that characters will refer to her as both throughout the series.

Thanks to the following folks for contributing characters as cameo spots on this page: APastaTiger | DesertFox | TetsuKnife | FlintTheWolf | Keyrel | Blbr

Comic #21: Fangirls Unite

Comic #21: Fangirls Unite published on No Comments on Comic #21: Fangirls Unite

And just like that, an everlasting friendship is formed over a mutual interest in magical girl anime. This isn’t surprising when you’re attending a school that offers a major in the subject!

Special thanks to the following folks for offering up their characters for cameos on this page: GameMaster | Axel | Scythemouse | SouthpawFox | Dworld | Metalhead0113 | MviluUatusun | GlitterbabyKitty | Enkidemako67

Comic #269: Filling the Void

Comic #269: Filling the Void published on 14 Comments on Comic #269: Filling the Void

And this wraps up the last emotional page from this story arc. Hopefully Chelsea isn’t too heartbroken over the loss of Pearl, since unbeknownst to her (but knownst to us) Pearl never really left.

This page also represents the first time, in over ten years of Persephoni being Chelsea’s Guardian, that she’s ever been able to give her a physical hug when she needed one. Pretty important moment, there.