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Comic #28: Ricky and Dan

Comic #28: Ricky and Dan published on 3 Comments on Comic #28: Ricky and Dan

These two goofballs get their proper introduction in this page. These were two of my first good friends that I made at SCAD, and this is precisely how we met, with me happening upon them holding a makeshift DDR party in the Weston lounge late one evening.

It’s amazing how much of my social life in undergrad revolved around DDR and the people it brought together. Sadly it’s difficult to depict in comic form, but I’ll try my best to incorporate it into the background throughout many of the early pages of the series.

Comic #27: 2AM Dance Party

Comic #27: 2AM Dance Party published on 1 Comment on Comic #27: 2AM Dance Party

Dance Dance Revolution was VERY popular at SCAD. I had played the game for years by the time I arrived at undergrad, and it was through this game that I met the first handful of whom would become my longest-lasting group of friends at the school. These two goofballs are going to have a major playing role in the comic for quite awhile from here on out, so get ready to properly meet them.

Comic #276: Funny Names

Comic #276: Funny Names published on No Comments on Comic #276: Funny Names

And she really does continue to call her that, even into the events of Peter & Whitney. In real life, this was entirely accurate, too; Whitney and Tracy really were friends growing up, and the “Tito” nickname was established during these early years. Peter & Company has for years always been a story of my own childhood, but now we’re starting to see glimpses of Whitney’s childhood as well.

Many thanks to the following folks who volunteered their characters for cameos on this page:

MrPopo | Phantomm | MajorMattMason | TsumiSnowheart | MviluUatusun | ScytheMouse | Davoerlo | Thwaites | Sparkpad

Comic #25: …Just Ten Minutes?

Comic #25: …Just Ten Minutes? published on 3 Comments on Comic #25: …Just Ten Minutes?

This is another incident that actually happened during my first quarter at SCAD. In my half-asleep daze I was completely oblivious to the girl slipping into the room when I opened the door, and before I even realized what had happened I ended up stuck outside at 2 in the morning in my pajamas and without a key to get back into the room.

Such a considerate gentleman, Eugene was.

Much thanks to Infinitedge for offering up his character for the cameo in this page!

Comic #273: The Origin of “Tito”

Comic #273: The Origin of “Tito” published on No Comments on Comic #273: The Origin of “Tito”

In the pages of Peter & Whitney, Tracy is often called “Tito” by Whitney. And now we know how she got that name.

Many thanks to the following folks who volunteered their characters for cameos on this page:

Axel | TornadoWolf | EnkideMako67 | Thwaites | Jreqthek9 | Threyon | Bakertoons | Metalhead0113 | Luckinekoisdead | Glittervigors | MviluUatusun | w0lfmare