Comic #286: Choking on Lunch

Don’t worry, Whitney. You’ll get another chance to ask this question down the road, I’m sure.

Many thanks to the following folks from the Discord community who offered their characters up for cameos in this page:

Da Floofy | Arron | specterHSC | Slaughts | Tanooki00 | Ferrous | DesertFox | Jay 123 Desk

July 2016 Update: Back to Work!

Hello, everyone! I’d like to thank everyone who followed what happened over the past month. To those who didn’t get the news on Twitter/Tumblr, back in mid-June I suffered from a herniated disc in my lower spine that completely cut off my capabilities to...

April 2016 Update: Streams and Productivity Resuming!

Hello, everyone! I wanted to give folks an update as to the current state of everything here, since it’s been about a month since the last P&C page and we’ve got a lot going on. We survived a monstrous flu bug, we have begun renovations on the house,...

Hello, everyone!

Peter & Company is now a proud member of the Katbox family of comics! WOO-HOO!!! To those who are unfamiliar with this comic and those behind it, allow me just a moment to provide a brief introduction. My name is Jonathan Ponikvar and I’ve been drawing and...